Win XP boots on mac?

It seems that someone finally managed to get Windows XP running on the new MacBook! A contest to achieve this has been going on since January, and there have been several more or less retarded false alarms along the way. This time it looks like it’s the real deal.

If this is really true, it’s great news. I really like OS X, but as Visual C++ remains my devlopment environment of choice and Windows my primary target platform, I’m dependent on the ability to run XP. My current iBook has served me well for three years, but I haven’t written more than a few hundred lines of code on it. Besides, it’s is getting a little old and doesn’t meet my performance requirements. A dual-booted (or triple-booted!) MacBook would be an ideal solution.

I am curious, however, about the hardware support – without being able to use the latest OpenGL and Direct3d drivers for the MacBook’s Radeon chip, it’s pretty worthless to me.. and will DirectShow be able to talk to the integrated iSight webcam or other video sources connected by FireWire? I’m hoping these issues will be cleared up soon, so I can finally decide what my next laptop will be.


One Response to “Win XP boots on mac?”

  1. elmindreda Says:

    The advantage of having Vim and g++ as one’s preferred development environment is that it’s available almost everywhere.

    Triple-booting is nice, though.

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