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June 7, 2006

I don't really care who was ultimately responsible for the raid against The Pirate Bay.

People are rioting and raving about gross miscarriage of justice, police state tendencies and the innocent small businesses that were colocating servers.
Sure, everything about the actions of the government and authorities in this affair is questionable from a democratic and legal viewpoint. But.. what else is new? It's not like the bully approach is unexpected or uncommon or anything.

I fully trust the Swedish social democratic government to regularly miscarry justice and get away with it. To keep its citizens in the dark where they're happily ignorant of what's going on around them. A concept that's been fruitfully and more or less flawlessly executed for little less than a century. Irritation among citizens does however build over time, and the Swedish political sphere has organically evolved to cope with it; every fifteen years or so, the system is "rebooted" by allowing the opposition to come to power. Then, during a few years, depending on the current term of office, the public opinion is reverted in favor social democracy. All is forgiven and order is restored. Scandals are forgotten and a clean slate is provided.

Being pragmatic I'm quite sure that unless a very sudden and unlikely change of overall mentality occurs, this is the natural way to go for Sweden. The way of least resistance. There is a fitting miserable harmony to it.

So, what really bothers me about the TPB affair is not the morally and legally questionable nature of the governments's actions – it's the unprecedented idiocy they're displaying from every conceivable strategical viewpoint! How could they not see the consequences? The demonstrations? The 300 percent increase in the size of the "pirate party"? The media interest? How could they even consider taking this kind of risk three months before elections?

That's what worries me. Social democrats who know how to make things go their way I can handle. This heavy, slow moving dinosaur with Göran Persson at the helm is somehow inherently toothless. Stupid, but in predictable way. Armed, but firing shots in slow motion, allowing for dodging in a cliche "Matrix" fashion.

But now what? Has the aged tyrannosaurus rex contracted a prehistoric case of mad cow disease, violently swinging its tail in random directions? This is truly cause for concern.

The only alternative explanation I can think of is that we have reached the next scheduled social reboot. That Göran Persson realizes that everyone needs a break, and is consciously taking actions to ensure that there will be a change of government. It's been twelve years, so statistically it would be time. Maybe we're looking at political harakiri as a preparation for slumber and reincarnation.

It's a long shot, but at least it would make some sense.


Win XP boots on mac?

March 16, 2006

It seems that someone finally managed to get Windows XP running on the new MacBook! A contest to achieve this has been going on since January, and there have been several more or less retarded false alarms along the way. This time it looks like it’s the real deal.

If this is really true, it’s great news. I really like OS X, but as Visual C++ remains my devlopment environment of choice and Windows my primary target platform, I’m dependent on the ability to run XP. My current iBook has served me well for three years, but I haven’t written more than a few hundred lines of code on it. Besides, it’s is getting a little old and doesn’t meet my performance requirements. A dual-booted (or triple-booted!) MacBook would be an ideal solution.

I am curious, however, about the hardware support – without being able to use the latest OpenGL and Direct3d drivers for the MacBook’s Radeon chip, it’s pretty worthless to me.. and will DirectShow be able to talk to the integrated iSight webcam or other video sources connected by FireWire? I’m hoping these issues will be cleared up soon, so I can finally decide what my next laptop will be.

Hello world!

February 4, 2006

Yey. I’ve got a blog. Yarr.